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LEXUS första elbil med en Wild-Drone – Konceptbil

LEXUS första elbil med en Wild-Drone – Konceptbil

 is preparing to unveil its first electric car next month. And with that in mind, Toyota’s luxury marque is showing off a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show this week that teases all sorts of far-out ideas that may or may not make it into its future electric vehicles, like gesture control, augmented reality, self-driving technology, in-wheel motors, and even drones.

The LF-30 Electrified, as it’s called, is a wedge-shaped coupe packed with crystalline angles and protrusions both inside and out. It seats four, with the driver and front passenger essentially getting their own first class-style cockpits and nearly-matching futuristic displays, while the rear passengers are treated to bucket seats with “artificial muscle technology” that can “mold to their occupant.”

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